cover image How to Build a Treehouse

How to Build a Treehouse

Christopher Richter and Miriam Rüggeberg. Laurence King, $24.99 (168p) ISBN 978-0-85782-905-4

Richter, a professional treehouse builder, and his wife Rüggeberg, who runs Treehouseblog, debut with a meticulous guide to making upscale treehouses for children or adults. Walking readers from design and preparation through construction and finishing the interior, the authors cover how to choose the right wood (larch is best for exteriors while spruce is preferred for the frame) and tools (cordless drills and a jigsaw are a must), and outline best practices for storing materials (place spacers between slats of wood to prevent mold). Detailed illustrations show each step of the process, including how to install tree attachment bolts and nail boards to the house’s frame. The instructions are for a two-tiered structure that would be too advanced for novices, but the authors encourage readers to “adapt the methods we outline to your own project” and detail alternatives to their plan, including different ways to support the treehouse and style the siding. Those without a construction background will likely be overwhelmed by the exhaustive directions (the authors include a four-part formula for calculating baseboard spacing), but readers who already know a joist from a strut will appreciate the comprehensive guidance. Ambitious would-be treehouse builders will find all they need to get started. (Mar.)