cover image King Kong Cometh!

King Kong Cometh!

. Plexus Press, $19.95 (192pp) ISBN 978-0-85965-362-6

Film historian Woods compiles an impressive selection of articles about the King Kong movies, its release timed to coincide with Peter Jackson's highly anticipated remake. Most of these articles have appeared elsewhere, but Kong fans will be delighted to find them in one collection alongside movie stills and posters from each release, sequel and remake. The articles, though plucked from magazines of varying quality, provide a reliable film history, especially when tying the many jungle pictures of the 1920's and '30's to the development of the original 1933 Kong. Some of the articles run to the breathless (""In the history of horror movies, indeed of movies, King Kong still towers above them all"") or are needlessly academic (""Kong, I believe, is a manifestation of Denham's subconscious. Much like Morbius's Id monster""). Readers looking for information on Jackson's remake will find only two articles here, and they come at the end of this approximately chronological history. But for those who want to know the multi-faceted story behind the beast, this is the go-to title. Photos.