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Ervin Laszlo, Author Jeremy P. Tarcher $17.95 (215p) ISBN 978-0-87477-753-6
While recognizing the unsustainability of our present industrialized society, Laszlo, an adviser to UNESCO Director-General Federico Mayor, does not accept as inevitable the world's termination. To assure the continuing evolution of the earth, including humankind, he calls for new perceptions of our relations with our environment. Laszlo asserts that at the end of the 20th century, we are advancing from nationally based industrial societies and ``heading toward the interconnected, information-based, global socioeconomic system.'' Thus we have reached a ``grand transition'' driven by globalization and ``informatization.'' He suggests roles that various elements of society must play--government (a reformed and refinanced UN), business, science, the arts, education and religion, and individuals--to assure the survival of the planet. His concepts and solutions are not notably original. Illustrations not seen by PW. (Aug.)
Reviewed on: 08/01/1994
Release date: 08/01/1994
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