cover image Bobby Norfolk Spins Timeless Tales

Bobby Norfolk Spins Timeless Tales

Bobby Norfolk. August House Audio, $12 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-87483-539-7

Award-winning African-American storyteller and stand-up comic Norfolk performs six selections with dynamic, setup-to-punch-line zing. The blend of familiar and funny will attract kids from the start. In ""Barney McKay"" Norfolk introduces a more contemporary, but still amazing, version of ""Hansel & Gretel"", in which two children are saved from the witch's clutches by magic corn and a special family dog. The myth-like ""Klooteekle"" explains the origin of pesky mosquitoes and ""The King Has Goat's Ears"" has all the hallmarks of a fairy tale in the tradition of ""The Emperor's New Clothes."" Norfolk's lighthearted tone and ease of delivery (one can easily picture him grinning in several places), along with nifty vocal sound effects, make this a great listening experience for the whole family. A second collection, Anansi Time with Bobby Norfolk, is being simultaneously released. Ages 6-up. (Aug.)