The Pope and the Mavericks

Louis Baldwin, Author Prometheus Books $27.95 (217p) ISBN 978-0-87975-466-2
The Vatican theological bureaucracy is the subject of this expose. With a caveat to the reader who may not agree that ``the promotion of intellectual tyranny under John Paul & Co.'' is an accurate premise, Baldwin examines several past and present (Hans Kung, Charles Curran) controversial theologians whose challenge to traditional Catholic teachings on abortion, infallibility and sexual morality have drawn criticism from the papacy and its administrative arm, the Curia. The history of papal authority is reviewed in capsule portraits of the occupants of the Chair of Peter, not all exemplary, who confronted nonconformist clerics of their time. There is not always a clear delineation between what the author ( Portraits of God , etc.) presents as tradition and doctrine in this polemic. It is observed that since many of the ``mavericks'' of history have been vindicated or exonerated (e.g., Galileo) there is hope that the Church leadership, which ``generally has been of the kind that has trouble keeping up with its followers,'' will march to a new tempo. (September)
Reviewed on: 09/01/1988
Release date: 09/01/1988
Genre: Religion
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