BREADWINNER WIVES AND THE MEN THEY MARRY: How to Have a Successful Marriage While Outearning Your Husband

Randi Minetor, Author . New Horizon $15.95 (243p) ISBN 978-0-88282-215-0

Minetor, an advertising executive, met her husband when they both worked at a small theater. She was a PR assistant; he was an electrician. Minetor knew, almost from the outset, that her income would surpass her husband's dramatically. Now happily married, they both have successful careers, and Minetor earns more than her husband, who works in lighting design. Their situation is shared by roughly one-third of dual income couples, and while the Minetors have managed to navigate the differences in their respective income and career responsibilities, many couples have difficulty doing so, says the author. To prove her thesis, she surveyed some 60 couples across the country. Some of Minetor's discussions will resonate with readers: many women say they come home, often to stay-at-home husbands, to find that they must still do much of the housework. Other common problems include differences over what type of vacations to take, exchange of gifts and basic money management. The author's suggestions on improving communication and sharing household duties are useful, but the book is not a full-length sociological study of an important economic and societal trend. Minetor's work is interesting because relatively little has been written about breadwinner wives. However, her light, pop psychology approach may disappoint those searching for more analysis. (Feb.)

Reviewed on: 12/17/2001
Release date: 01/01/2002
Genre: Nonfiction
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