Language in Her Eye: Views on Writing and Gender by Canadian Women Writing in English

Liba Scheier, Editor, Libby Scheier, Other ECW Press $19.95 (312p) ISBN 978-0-88910-397-9
This splendidly diverse collection reflecting on the uneasy relationship between politics and literature will appeal to writers and readers of feminist prose. Margaret Atwood argues that feminism should liberate women writers, not simply replace one set of taboos with another: ``We were told endlessly: thou shalt notstet ital . We don't need to hear it again, and especially not from women.'' Lee Maracle makes a charge of plagiarism against writers who appropriate and anthologize Native stories, reducing them to so-called ``Indian Mythology'' that she terms ``anthropocentric drivel.'' Margaret Hollingsworth notes in turn that ``nobody ownsstet ital a myth, a culture, a story'' as she contemplates how men dominate Canadian theater and debates whether her plays should reflect larger social concerns. Scheier reviews feminist deconstruction, the false ``binary opposition'' of feminist and writer in her sense of identity, and concludes that writing can express inspiration as well as ideology. Scheier asks rhetorically, ``What's wrong with mixing a little mystification . . . and romanticism into one's deconstructionism? Takes the edge off.'' The editors are Canadian writers. (Jan.)
Reviewed on: 10/01/1990
Release date: 10/01/1990
Genre: Fiction
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