cover image Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets

Patricia Smiley, . . Mysterious, $23.95 (290pp) ISBN 978-0-89296-019-4

Smiley's amusing second mystery to feature L.A. business consultant Tucker Sinclair (after 2004's False Profits ) offers appealing characters and semiplausible Hollywood hijinx. When someone stabs to death Tucker's college heartthrob, Evan Brice, a failed poet turned successful film agent, in the seedy apartment he'd rented for quiet "work" sessions, the police call on Tucker. Tucker severed all ties with Evan after catching him in flagrante with her best friend, Cissy, whom he later married, but a love poem to Tucker discovered at the crime scene suggests Evan had his regrets. When Tucker pays a condolence call on her old friend, Cissy begs her to close up the illicit apartment. Cissy, as the chief suspect, has further need of Tucker's help in convincing the skeptical police that she's innocent. Predictable mayhem ensues after a prima donna soap star, one of Evan's ex-lovers, leads Tucker to a biker bar, a hostile environment for a nosey parker. Fans of Janet Evanovich (who praised False Profits ) will find a lot to like in this entertaining romp. Agent, Scott Miller at Trident Media Group . 4-city author tour . (Nov.)