cover image Period.: A Girl's Guide

Period.: A Girl's Guide

JoAnn Loulan, Bonnie Worthen. Book Peddlers, $9.99 (100pp) ISBN 978-0-916773-96-0

A Girl's Guide by JoAnn Loulan and Bonnie Worthen, first published in 1979 and newly revised and updated, thoroughly covers questions about puberty and menstruation. The authors emphasize the positive (e.g., ""Being comfortable with your own body is important"") and use diagrams to familiarize readers with the inner workings of their bodies, including what happens during menstruation. A question-and-answer format in the last three chapters allows girls to locate easily the information they seek. A parent's guide bound into the back suggests how to begin a conversation about puberty, what to cover, etc. A thoughtful approach for young women facing changes. ; Jan.