Greening of Thurmond

Michael Zagst, Author, Michael Zagst, Other Dutton Books $17.95 (0p) ISBN 978-0-917657-65-8
Zagst's first novel follows young Thurmond Leaner, Houston contractor, through his first pro golf tournament and into the slightly weird world of commercial promotions. Leaner, a consistent and brainy golfer, decides to go professional with the Max Catalina Invitational in New York's Catskills. Old pro Catalina runs a wacky show, forcing entrants into canoe races and Scrabble games before they can play golf. When the tournament gets underway, Leaner leads the field until disaster strikes before the last round and he finds himself in a sudden-death contest with a well-known pro. Leaner's slightly quirky personality endows him with a future in celebrity endorsements, a bright career start and a menage with two nubile lovelies. Zagst writes about golf with verve, most of the humor works, and if the earnest hero is an unlikely harem-keeper, the novel is still a pleasant read. (June 12)
Reviewed on: 06/01/1986
Release date: 06/01/1986
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