cover image Ditkaan Autobiography

Ditkaan Autobiography

Mike Ditka. Bonus Books, $16.95 (271pp) ISBN 978-0-933893-07-8

Football fans will love this inside look at the sport by the coach of the Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears, written with the Chicago Tribune staffer who covers the team. This is the account of a steelworker's son who quit college for pro football and played for Chicago, which he loved, Philadelphia, which he hated, and Dallas, which he liked. Cowboys coach Landry gave Ditka his first coaching job and George Halas signed him as the Bears' head man. In addition to providing details of his career, Ditka ponders at length about his philosophy of football, a sport which for him involves 100% dedication, a belief in the importance of teamwork and an unconcern with popularity. He also makes interesting observations about Landry (at variance with the public image) and about Bears stars Jim McMahon, ""Refrigerator'' Perry and Walter Payton. Photos. 35,000 first printing; $35,000 ad/promo; author tour. (July)