cover image Reeves an Autobiography

Reeves an Autobiography

Dan Reeves. Bonus Books, $17.95 (241pp) ISBN 978-0-933893-64-1

Reeves, former player and coach for the Dallas Cowboys, now coaches the Denver Broncos, so this book should find an audience in Texas and Colorado. Aided by sports columnist Connor of the Rocky Mountain News , he covers his days as a college and pro player, including the knee injury that cut short his playing career. This material is less interesting and revealing than the chapters on coaching, with insights into how a coaching staff works, interplay of personalities and, most significantly, the tone that is set by the head coach. Reeves was involved with losing Super Bowl teams in Dallas, but in the past two seasons he suffered serious defeat when the Broncos dropped two championship games, a subject on which he is candid and forthright here. Photos not seen by PW. Author tour. (August)