FUNDAMENTALS OF HOME-SCHOOLING: Notes on Successful Family Living

Ann Lahrson-Fisher, Author, Linda Dobson, Foreword by . Nettlepatch Press $24.95 (429p) ISBN 978-0-9640813-6-9

Home-schooling parent Lahrson-Fisher (Homeschooling in Oregon ) presents a comprehensive, reader-friendly tome on home-schooling. Its scope is inclusive of all who might choose this alternative education, as well as of every aspect of home-schooling from curriculum materials and legal support services to home schooling organizations. Prospective home-schooling parents (and even parents of children who attend school) will appreciate the book's wealth of wisdom on child development, learning and family life. Part One, "Play," continues in the tradition of David Elkind (The Hurried Child ) and Neil Postman (The Disappearance of Childhood ) with its sensible argument for allowing children the time to develop their imaginative and expressive selves through play. Part Two offers reassuring advice for parents worried about how to approach the basics of literacy and mathematics with their children. Subsequent sections are more specifically oriented to home-schoolers and offer tips on family life and the organization of the living/school space, evaluation and testing, getting ready for college and other important issues, including how to respond to the inevitable criticism from family and friends. What Lahrson-Fisher's book lacks in theory, it makes up for in common sense, clearly rooted in the author's personal experiences. Although slightly redundant, the book will remind readers of the benefits of living a life that celebrates the simple things: "play, conversation, togetherness, and growing up." (Feb.)

Reviewed on: 01/12/2004
Release date: 01/01/2003
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