Confessions of a Former Dittohead

Jim Derych, Author Ig Publishing $13.95 (195p) ISBN 978-0-9752517-8-2
A former Limbaugh-enthralled, propaganda-spouting ""dittohead,"" Derych details in this blog-turned-book the ""thousand small cuts"" that cured him of his liberal-hating views. His conversion resulted from a handful of pedestrian eye-openers: Derych was a sheltered, narrow-minded homophobe until he learned a friend of his was gay; Derych was rabidly pro-life until he realized someone he knew and respected had had an abortion; Derych took Fox News mouthpiece Sean Hannity at face value until a preposterous claim about tax cuts led him to ""check the facts."" This is a quick, lean read, and though Derych is prone to limp prose (referring to Limbaugh as a ""chubby addict"" is grating even to those who believe worse), it's not poorly written. The problem is how author condescends to readers; it's like a recent born-again preaching to the congregation during his first trip to church.
Reviewed on: 04/03/2006
Release date: 04/01/2006
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