cover image Follow the Yarn: A Book of Colors

Follow the Yarn: A Book of Colors

Emily Sper. Jump (AtlasBooks, dist.), $7.99 (24p) ISBN 978-0-9754902-8-0

It’s a cat’s paradise: with every turn of the page of this playfully simple board book, another ball of yarn trails across the blank white spreads as Sper names 11 colors. A crisply drawn black cat tussles with the yarn on each page, curling up with a scribbled ball of yellow yarn and getting tangled up in orange a few pages later. Loops of red, pink, blue, brown, and other colors create a festive atmosphere as the book draws to a close, and Sper makes a startling shift to an all-black backdrop in the final spread, rendering her star almost invisible as the cat toys with one last ball of white yarn. Ages 2–4. (Sept.)