cover image A Bargain to Die For: A Bargainomics Lady Mystery

A Bargain to Die For: A Bargainomics Lady Mystery

Judy Woodward Bates. Bargainomics Publications, $9.99 trade paper (220p) ISBN 978-0-976616-62-7

Bates (The Gospel Truth About Money Management), who runs the Bargainomics bargain-hunting website, serves as the narrator of her charming first novel and series launch. She gets drawn into a mystery, along with her cousin and sidekick, artist Millie Caffee, after potter Art Molina is assaulted. Molina operates a gallery that carries Caffee’s work, and when the cousins go there to deliver some figurines to be sold, they find a bloody trail that leads them to Molina in a park. It turns out Molina was hit on the head by a burglar he interrupted rifling through the gallery. More violence follows, raising the stakes for the narrator, who’s aided by her retired police detective father. The plot is an enjoyable riff on a classic Sherlock Holmes story, and the personable lead is more than capable of sustaining a series. Cozy fans will be pleased. (Self-published)