Getting Unstuck: Unraveling the Knot of Depression, Attention and Trauma

Don Kerson, Author Greenpoint Psychiatric PR $24.95 (292p) ISBN 978-0-9769867-2-0
While Kerson, a psychopharmacologist and psychotherapist with 20 years of experience, doesn't break new ground in this self-help book, he provides a knowledgeable, practical overview, with detailed techniques, for people who find themselves ""stuck"" in mental or emotional straits. Looking at three major mental illnesses-attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression and dissociation-and how they overlap, Kern covers lucidly the varied medications available, but puts equal effort into explaining induced trance states (""the therapeutic wave of the future""), guided visualization and time management techniques. Kerson is convinced that the extent of mental illness in the U.S. is hugely underestimated given the expectations of modern American life, sufferers' ability to cope successfully and a ""broken"" mental health system that separates ""prescribers"" (MDs) from therapists. Undiagnosed ADD patients may have serious trouble with authority and motivation, and have probably ""half-convinced themselves that they're just lazy...and need a good kick in the pants."" Though wide-ranging and at times technical, this is a thorough and easy-to-understand guide for certified patients as well as the worn-down, those who might not consider themselves sick but could probably use the help.
Reviewed on: 10/13/2008
Release date: 10/01/2008
Genre: Nonfiction
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