cover image Cabal of the Westford Knight: Templar's at the Newport Tower

Cabal of the Westford Knight: Templar's at the Newport Tower

David S. Brody, Author Martin & Lawrence Press $14.95 (425p) ISBN 978-0-9773898-7-2

Lawyer Cameron Thorne is trying to help an elderly couple keep their home when he finds himself dangerously immersed in an ancient conspiracy. Forced on the run with researcher Amanda, with deadly stalkers from two extremist factions hot on their trail, they begin to piece together information that ties together clues scattered across the Northeast. These clues reveal centuries old efforts by the Catholic Church to surpress information about Prince Henry Sinclair and the Templars that could tear the church apart if they survive long enough to reveal them. Brody delves right into the historical fiction field made so trendy by works like The Da Vinci Code and picks up where they leave off. The novel is extremely well-researched and self-aware, and Brody does a terrific job of wrapping his research in a fast-paced thrill ride that will feel far more like an action film than an academic paper, though both elements are distinctly present. That being said, by the end, the reader is uncertain how much of the theory Brody sincerely believes and how much just makes for a good story. Fans of conspiracy novels will enjoy this but it will be difficult for the average reader to separate this from the Da Vinci Code phenomenon and appreciate this on its own merits.