Bill Gourgey. Jacked Arts (, $14.95 trade paper (434p) ISBN 978-0-9797435-9-7
In a postapocalyptic world, the reclusive inventor Capt. Magigate experiments at his lab hidden away on Isla de Tiempo Muerto, where he holds captive Samantha Biggs, aka the Prophet, a woman who once controlled the planet's commerce. Magigate's Glide technology has revolutionized transportation in "a world no longer confined by the yoke of gravity." As Glide devices become commonplace, surface roads become obsolete. Seeking adventure, two teens explore Magigate's mansion; the young Michael glides in on his Glide board, followed by talented expressionistic painter Madeleine. The Prophet escapes, taking Madeleine hostage, and the action accelerates. Gourgey writes with a fine flair, injecting believable characters into highly imaginative situations punctuated with humor and intrigue. His clever extrapolations of such current technology as avatars, the Kindle, the "monopolistic Amazon," CNN, military drones, Google, blogs, online games, and text messages are an added fillip.
Reviewed on: 07/11/2011
Release date: 02/01/2011
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