On Top of Everything: Manage Your Projects & Life with Ease

Laurence Seton. Projecteze, $37.95 paper (188p) ISBN 978-0-9810629-0-7
Canadian engineer and certified project management professional Seton spent a decade refining Projecteze, his Microsoft Word table-format–based system of time and priority management, to meet certain basic criteria (e.g., ease of use, affordability, mobile-device compatibility, etc.). More straightforward than many titles on the market aimed at taming the torrent of information bombarding people each day, Seton's book is refreshingly simple and user friendly. By properly utilizing tables in MS Word, Seton shows readers (in jargon-free tutorials) how to record widely diverse material—urgent issues, meetings and agendas, contacts, back-burner items, and long-range goals—in one place where it can be viewed at a glance; organize to-do lists by updating and deleting tasks during the day; keep track of delegated projects and responsibilities; and create tables for school and home use. Along with many examples of highly detailed tables—from planning a million-dollar facilities expansion to preparing for a camping trip and overseeing his daughter's two-year process of getting ready for college—and clear, nuts-and-bolts technical guidance (setting up, embedding, customizing, and sorting tables), Seton tackles the big issue of busyness and how the chaos of too much information, poorly digested and presented, affects relationships and life satisfaction. If practiced consistently, he contends, Projecteze will free time for other activities, and using persuasive examples from his own experience, he urges readers to consider filling the gap with personally satisfying hours rather than more deadlines. 
Reviewed on: 10/01/2012
Release date: 01/01/2009
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