Foresight (and Other Stories)

Brant von Goble. Loosey Goosey, $4.95 trade paper (135p) ISBN 978-0-9820991-8-6
All the stories in von Goble’s neat collection feature characters who are desperate to make a connection in an inhumane world. “They Don’t Call It Love Anymore” chronicles the loves of migrants who enter America long after Trump has built a wall on the border with Mexico. Von Goble’s nod to Lovecraft in his reference to the U.S. government as the “Yuge Ones” is equal parts horrifying and delightful. “Foresight” relates a supercomputer’s misguided attempts at understanding humanity. “Glorious Ukrainian Bride Wants YOU!” is the pinnacle of the collection, describing the long con of an American man in his quest to find a romantic partner on the other side of the globe. This tale best exhibits von Goble’s dry wit and unflinching examination of the possible futures of Western society. Relationships are bungled, feelings and intent are misconstrued, and absurdity and profundity mingle. These dystopian visions will unsettle even the most jaded reader. (BookLife)
Reviewed on : 02/01/2019
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror
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