cover image Bleeding Hearts: 
Book 1 of the Demimonde

Bleeding Hearts: Book 1 of the Demimonde

Ash Krafton. Pink Narcissus (, $16.95 trade paper (370p) ISBN 978-0-9829913-6-7

A meet-cute at an Egyptian antiquities exhibit draws self-confessed bleeding-heart advice columnist Sophie Galen into the orbit of Marek Thurzo, a moody mystery man with “Paul Newman lips” and an intense interest in Sophie from the moment they meet. In short order, Marek introduces Sophie to a secret underworld of vampires, werewolves, and demivampires—his own kind, vampire precursors who can still walk in daylight and have not yet lost their souls. Sophie herself has a destiny among “the DV,” as she learns to her considerable peril. Krafton’s paranormal romance will appeal most to readers who have outgrown Twilight but think the Anita Blake books are too salacious. It’s competently written and deft with wish-fulfillment, though the serviceable plot is largely constructed to ensure that the heroine remains devoted to her dangerous lover, no matter how great the risk to her own life and sanity. (Mar.)