Finding Gossamyr: Volume 1

David A. Rodriguez, illus. by Sarah Ellerton. Th3rd World Studios (Diamond, dist.), $24.95 (132p) ISBN 978-0-983216-1-6-2
Math is literally magic in Gossamyr, an enchanted world 10-year-old Denny and his 22-year-old sister/caretaker, Jenna, enter after he finds the answer to an unsolvable and mystical equation. As a savant who “can’t not” solve a math problem, Denny is worth a lot to the inhabitants of Gossamyr, some of whom plot to use his power to open more portals and conquer new worlds. After falling under the protection of Azune D’Tal, a former slave and steadfast protector of Gossamyr, and Eloric Boothe, a gallant adventurer of the desert-dwelling Sandgrieve people, Denny and Jenna find themselves at the center of a struggle for freedom with consequences that go beyond Gossamyr. Employing the polished visuals and nonstop pace of today’s CG movies, Rodriguez and Ellerton deliver a smooth and satisfying adventure that draws readers into a fully realized world without dense exposition (instead, a useful postscript details elements of Gossamyr’s history and language). Now that this intriguing world has been found, readers will be ready to explore it and see what other stories it has to offer. Ages 8–12. (Sept.)■
Reviewed on: 08/05/2013
Release date: 01/01/2014
Genre: Children's
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