cover image Everything Together: Collected Stories

Everything Together: Collected Stories

Sammy Harkham. PictureBox (, $19.95 (120p) ISBN 978-0-9851595-0-4

With Kramers Ergot, Harkham helped collect and show to the world what’s most glorious in modern comics. In this stunning collection, he shows why he deserves to be as well-known as a creator as for editing the volumes with which he popularized the work of others. The book is essentially a repository for two great long-form pieces, with intricately drawn comic interludes (Napoleon as an anxiety-ridden artist, a riff on Where the Wild Things Are) as interstitials just as worthy as the main pieces. “Somersaulting” is a long looper of a piece about Australian teenagers wrapped up in anger and ennui; its understanding of the angsty boredom of adolescence twins nicely with Harkham’s spare and open-ended drawings. In “Poor Sailor,” he goes further afield with a bigger story based on de Maupassant, of a sailor who goes to sea against all good advice and suffers wildly for it. Between the blood-crazed monsters and blue loneliness, it’s a curiously effective little masterpiece of mood. There are few graphic artists who can combine the tragic and the comic with Harkham’s smashing accuracy. (Oct.)