The Passionate Vegetable: Health Inspired Recipes to Revitalize Your Life for Vegetarians or Meat Lovers!

Suzanne Landry. Health Inspired Publishing, $29.95 paper (306p) ISBN 978-0-9851908-0-4
Our mothers always told us to eat our vegetables, and Landry’s appealing cookbook makes this advice very easy to follow. In three opening chapters, this health educator and gourmet organic chef covers a variety of topics, from the importance of protein and the healthiest water for cooking and drinking to the vital role of enzymes in indigestion and survival dining for vegetarians. Landry is a cheerleader for good health, and this starts with what you eat. She reminds us that “Americans are some of the most overfed but undernourished people in the world,” and her cookbook, which recommends using organic fruits and vegetables, substituting other proteins for meat, and cutting out dairy, offers enticing and mouth-watering recipes designed to satisfy and nourish. Recipes range from breakfasts and salads to soups and desserts, include little “Bites of Insight” that offer either homey wisdom about a dish or further suggestions for preparing the dish. Landry includes a glossary of tips, techniques, and shortcuts to make readers better cooks. Accompanied by beautiful illustrations, Landry’s recipes encourage good eating with fresh ingredients and simple and straightforward preparation.
Reviewed on: 12/24/2012
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