Health and Wealth: Small Changes Reap Big Benefits

Bernard Michael Patten. Peak Achievement Publishing, $3.33 e-book (118p) ISBN 978-0-9852613-2-0
No one cares as much about your health as you do, and Patten provides a straightforward, commonsense primer on how to maintain it. "You are responsible for your health," he says, and persuasively argues that tending to it is fairly simple. Moreover, in a world where health misinformation and disinformation abound, Patten provides basic guidelines while, refreshingly, largely avoiding didactic assertions. He affirms the overall health benefits of marriage, the importance of education, the value of exercise, a wide social network, and intangibles. The negatives include stress and excess alcohol. Patten gives equal emphasis to maintaining one's mental well-being and passionately advocates bypassing the allure of television in favor of playing musical instruments, ballroom dancing, board games, and other activities that offer both enjoyment and challenges. Patten does not shy from controversy, denouncing such widespread "healthy" choices as vitamin supplements, recommending instead that we consume fruits and vegetables, especially whole foods. Patten affirms, "Organic foods are better for people," while admitting that his "personal belief is not yet fully supported by scientific data." Readers on any end of the ideological health spectrum will find merit in Patten's open-minded approach and in the useful information, advice, and guidance he offers.
Reviewed on: 10/01/2012
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