Life Minus 3 1/2: A True Story Surrounding the Embezzlement of Eleven Million Dollars

Dennis Hart. Dennis Hart, $13.95 paper (398p) ISBN 978-0-9853010-1-9
Hart provides in-your-face confrontations with bookies and the law in this true-life portrayal of his descent into gambling addiction in the 1980s and subsequent embezzlement of more than $11 million from his employer to cover debts to bookies. His prose vividly conjures up clashes with hoodlums who sneer at him as they take his money. His portrayal of the IRS, FBI agents, and attorneys for and against him implies a view that little distinction exists between them and the bookies. The Hollywood image of the latter, however, is amply supported by scenes of menace and even comedy. Hart's prison experience provides an ironic parallel to his civilian life, suggesting a vision that the difference between law enforcers and lawbreakers consists of labels. Hart's expressions of remorse, pious sentiments aside, leave ambiguous whether his lament is for his immense defalcations or his being caught. The surprisingly simple methods Hart used to embezzle will surprise readers, who will find it easy to get caught up in his remarkable tale.
Reviewed on: 07/08/2013
Release date: 04/01/2013
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