Code Black

Tina Moss. City Owl (, $12.99 trade paper (343p) ISBN 978-0-9862516-1-0
Moss’s debut, a near-future tale of paranormal humans living under the repressive Northern American United Government, chugs steadily along with occasional fireworks. Sera Benenati is an ambitious young reporter with a secret. Determined to get a big break that will let her leave gossip magazines behind, she stumbles on more than she expects while investigating a mysterious murder. When she’s attacked by a mob of humanoid flesh-eating monsters, Sera (who is disconcertingly more focused on saving her cute sandals than on saving her own life) risks outing herself as having illegal powers. But her talent for pyrotechnics is a plus when she finds herself falling for Talon Rede, the hunky, temperamental shape-shifting head of her district’s paranormal crimes division. Torn between chasing her story and accepting the sexy prospect of his protective custody, Sera also has to delve into her past to find the origin of her supernatural powers. A cast of vampires, psychics, and shape-shifters delivers moderately witty quips that round out this solid example of the genre. (Oct.)
Reviewed on: 07/20/2015
Genre: Fiction
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