Eating Myself Crazy: How I Made Peace with Food (And How You Can Too)

Treena Wynes. Indie Ink, $16.95 trade paper (192p) ISBN 978-0-9878-1056-4
Wynes starts this useful debut book with a confession about how emotional eating shaped her own life, first as an overweight child and later as a young bulimic adult. It wasn't until her pregnancies that she was able to stop purging, which she calls her "disgusting little secret." That's when she became determined that her "character and self-esteem were no longer going to be defined by a number on a scale." Now a social worker and lifestyle coach, Wynes breaks her book into short pieces intended to help readers understand and then change their thoughts about food. She explains the myths surrounding fat-free and sugar-free foods, preservatives, fiber, toxins and food labels, for example. She also offers an eating and detoxification plan along with healthy recipes. Wynes' advice for conquering emotional eating suggests stress modifiers that can help people feel pleasure, comfort or calm without reaching for a tub of ice cream. Her recipes are quick, easy and accessible, and the final 15 pages are left blank so that readers can write their own "victory journal." The book is an excellent resource for readers looking to rectify and control bad dietary habits. (Apr.) Canadian distribution: GTW. U.S. distribution: Altavoz.
Reviewed on: 06/10/2013
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