The Last Falcon: Book 1 of the Cael Stone

Colleen Ruttan. CreateSpace, $2.99 e-book (327p) ISBN 978-0-9881343-1-7
This kickoff to a traditional fantasy seriesĀ starring feisty and independent teen heroine Erynn is both well paced and engaging. The book starts in medias res, with Erynn hiding in a cave after the dragon Krystalix attacked a group of men from her kingdom returning from a horse-buying expedition, and the raid on the recently purchased animals leaves her father dead. But Erynn got a clear look at the person who struck the fatal blow, a "fair-haired man with the limp and the jagged scars," and vows to avenge the murder. When she discovers the true identity of the fair-haired man, Erynn uncovers a conspiracy that may complicate her quest. Ruttan blends the medieval and supernatural effortlessly, ably setting up a sequel to this fun fantasy novel.
Reviewed on: 10/01/2012
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