cover image Dim Sum Warriors, Vol. 1: Enter the Dumpling

Dim Sum Warriors, Vol. 1: Enter the Dumpling

Colin Goh, Yen Yen Woo, and Soo Lee. Yumcha Studios (, $12.99 trade paper (144p) ISBN 978-0-9881899-0-4

If you’ve ever partaken in dim sum at your local Chinese restaurant, but afterwards couldn’t entirely explain why you enjoyed it so much, then you’ll probably have the same reaction to this much-touted Web comic. It tells the story of Prince Roastpork “Porky” Bao, whose parents—Emperor Redbean Bao and Empress Custard Bao—rule the Xisuchi Empire from Dim Sum City. When the royal family is saved from the H’otp’ots by the timely arrival of Colonel Quickynoodle, the latter persuades them that their son the prince should train as a Dim Sum Warrior. These proud defenders of the empire, divided into factions like the Fried Kung Academy and Baked Kung Sisterhood, agree to battle one another in a tournament. It appears that being the prince of an empire full of Chinese finger foods still doesn’t allow Porky to avoid the generational conflict that is part and parcel of every family dynamic. With Lee’s delightful illustrations and Goh and Woo’s engaging narrative, the characters could have been ingredients in a Waldorf salad and still been interesting. However, readers must decide for themselves whether eating dim sum while reading Dim Sum Warriors is entirely kosher. (Oct.)