In Search of a Legacy: Adventures of a Space Bum, Book 2

Jon Batson. Midnight Whistler, $12.95 trade paper (294p) ISBN 978-0-9893726-2-6
Following the events of Starlost Child, Starwort Bacchus, now joined by a crew of friends she’s accumulated in her travels, continues to journey from planet to planet aboard the automated repair ship Flax. Naturally, they find trouble and danger in every port as enemies pursue Star, intent on acquiring the treasure left to her by her long-deceased parents. As Star comes into the riches of her legacy—including a distant uninhabited planet—she harbors dreams of buying Flax and going into business for herself. But she’s constantly sidetracked by wild escapades, including reuniting separated lovers, rescuing an abandoned robot girl, and fleeing the corrupt Central Government. The universe-building is solid, with memorable characters and a footloose, fancy-free attitude toward astronomical logistics, reminiscent of classic space operas. However, the plot is meandering and episodic, the tone distant, and the dialogue overly formal, giving the story a dispassionate feel at odds with the dynamic nature of the narrative. All the potential for a catchy adventure is here, but the voice doesn’t ring entirely true. (BookLife)
Reviewed on: 05/04/2015
Genre: Fiction
Paperback - 294 pages - 978-1-939156-12-9
Paperback - 322 pages - 978-0-9893726-3-3
Paperback - 296 pages - 978-0-9893726-1-9
Paperback - 302 pages - 978-0-9893726-4-0
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