The Stormglass Protocol

Tim Pratt and Andy Deemer. Stormglass Ventures, $7.99 paper (278p) ISBN 978-0-9899336-0-5
In this action-packed and fast-paced tie-in to a mobile app game of the same name, Pratt (Rags and Bones) and filmmaker Deemer (Poultrygeist) team up to deliver the story of a boy recruited by a secret spy organization to help save the world. Jake, a spy enthusiast, is contacted by Filby and Lizzie, two young agents of Stormglass who need his help investigating a series of strange incidents. Before long, the three kids are running from the deadly representatives of Vindiqo, a major company with a shadowy agenda. With the bare minimum of training and a handful of nifty gadgets, Jake tries to thwart Vindiqo's plan to develop a new breed of synthetic killer bees, all while uncovering the traitor on his own team. Though the premise is played fast and loose—for laughs as much as for drama—the story barrels along with a cheerful intensity and no shortage of middle-grade Bond-style adventure. Memorable characters and fanciful concepts more than make up for any of the story's harder-to-swallow moments. The first in a planned series. Ages 6–12.
Reviewed on: 11/18/2013
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