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Hope Russell Nunki. Noon Key Productions, $14 trade paper (360p) ISBN 978-0-9908434-0-5

Chicago couple Mandelyn and Henry had a happy, loving marriage and were eagerly expecting the arrival of a son. However, Mandelyn had a miscarriage, and they have both spent the last four years grieving; their marriage has suffered for it. Mandelyn starts seeing an online counselor, and as she delves into her romantic past, the process brings up feelings of regret about how her relationships ended. When Henry discovers what she has been doing, he “releases” her to go figure herself out and decide whether she wants to recommit to their marriage. She goes to Sedona, Ariz., and begins a process of personal healing, emerging stronger and ready to commit to Henry, start a family again, and most importantly, forgive herself. Nunki has effectively plotted a woman’s meandering journey through past relationships, albeit with coincidences that stretch believability. Her command of setting is strong—she captures both Chicago and Sedona very well. Readers will recognize aspects of their own lives in Mandelyn and will enjoy following her journey.[em] (BookLife) [/em]