cover image How to Be a Man

How to Be a Man

Tamara Linse. Willow Words, $14.95 paper (238p) ISBN 978-0-9913867-0-3

In this winning debut collection of short stories, Linse presents a vivid portrait of life in the American West. The author weaves together tales of a young tomboy who struggles with expectations of femininity, a young girl trying to understand sexuality, and pregnant women and the bonds they share. Linse deftly evokes contemporary rural Wyoming, the collection's setting—as well as the unique characters that populate it. The stories are brief vignettes, and readers will find themselves curious about what happens after each tale draws to a close. While it may be difficult to distinguish between a few of the characters, readers will be drawn in to the collection's world and will find themselves wanting to read more of Linse's intimate tales.