cover image Between These Walls

Between These Walls

John Herrick. Segue Blue, $15.95 trade paper (470p) ISBN 978-0-9915309-1-5

Herrick (The Landing) will make waves—particularly with Christian conservatives—with this tale that explores the uneasy intersection of Christianity and homosexuality. Hunter Carlisle has hidden his attraction to men since middle school, a secret he buried even more deeply when he became a Christian. He dated girls, hoping to be “cured,” he says, but his feelings didn’t change. He meets Gabe, a massage therapist, and in one jolting moment Hunter’s life changes forever. When their relationship is discovered, Hunter must come clean to his pastor, girlfriend, family, and friends about who he is. Herrick explores the struggle Hunter faces, offering readers a unique look at how gay Christians might feel—which is the strength of the book. Its shortcomings are its length and inadequate ending. Sex scenes and swearing, plus the topic, will keep this off most evangelical Christian bookstore shelves. It may find more sales online, where those struggling with this issue may be quietly searching for answers. (BookLife)