cover image Head-On: Stories of Alopecia

Head-On: Stories of Alopecia

Deeann Callis Graham. Head-on Publishing, $32 (224p) ISBN 978-0-9962444-1-1

During decades of living with the hair loss condition alopecia, Graham had neither met nor heard about anyone else with it; she thus began chronicling her journey and reaching out to others like her. Now, in this beautifully photographed collection, Graham provides a thorough guide to the different types of alopecia and its triggers and treatments, also sharing numerous stories of those affected. Graham gives her story first, documenting the initial moment of discovery (her mother combing Graham’s hair in the bath), diagnosis, coping, and ultimate cultivation of community. Many strong voices are poignantly captured, along with evocative black-and-white portraits: law student Marlina, who thought alopecia would limit her romantic life, but is now married to a “hunk”; Heather, who tattooed a sunflower with a peace sign on her head; artist D.K. Wright, who tells his story in a poem, and Alexis and Vangelis, a father and son given an extra connection by both having alopecia. There are many heartwarming accounts from young children, always accompanied by a parent’s commentary. Interspersed among the personal stories are inspirational quotes on specific topics such as “Pushing the Limits,” “Realizations,” and “Unconditional Love.” This is a powerful compilation of profiles with a sincere and encouraging message. [em](BookLife) [/em]

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