cover image Yukon Revenge

Yukon Revenge

Ken Baird. Ken Baird, $18.95 trade paper (606p) ISBN 978-0-9973175-2-7

The taut prologue to Baird’s high-octane sequel to 2016’s Yukon Audit reveals how Yukon pilot C.E. Brody obtained a box containing $400,000 in cash from two murderous criminals in the previous book. The selfless Brody later spent all the money on lottery tickets to help cover the cost of a new ice arena, believing that both bad guys had drowned in the Yukon River. In fact, one of them survived and a year later is on Brody’s trail. Brody’s life gets more complicated after his truck is vandalized, his dog is shot, and he’s set up for a murder rap: Brody returns home one day to find Amy Vanderbilt, a 26-year-old dancer he barely knows yet allowed to stay with him, with her neck broken. To prove his innocence, he must track down Amy’s killer. Meanwhile, U.S. Treasury agent Sarah Marsalis, with whom Brody has a past, is tasked with a perilous undercover assignment. Baird populates this complex suspense novel with believable characters. Readers will hope to see more of the big-hearted Brody. (Self-published.)