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Sharon Heath. Thomas-Jacob Publishing, $14.99 trade paper (342p) ISBN 978-0-9979517-2-1

Heath (The History of My Body) continues the story of fictional young Nobel laureate Fleur Robins as she pursues matters of the heart as well as her cutting-edge physics research, while facing challenging social interactions. Fleur’s 21st birthday celebration is also her send-off for her fiancé, Assefa Berhanu, who is returning the following day to his native Ethiopia in search of his missing father. At Caltech, Fleur and her research team discuss possible avenues to harness the “dark matter within all living organisms” to transport people by means of “the principle of dematerialization.” After finding his father, Assefa remains in remote Ethiopia to reconnect with the beautiful Makeda Geteye, whom he knew as a child and who is now part of a team running a home for children orphaned by AIDS. Meanwhile, Fleur deals with the crush that a new research assistant has on her, Assefa’s sudden physical and emotional distance, a neighborhood squabble, and some medical issues. With so much going on, this could feel overstuffed, but Heath’s adroit writing makes Fleur’s remarkable life consistently captivating. [em](BookLife) [/em]