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Jim C. Hines. DAW, $26 (352p) ISBN 978-0-7564-0968-5

Sharp wit, rapid-fire action, and strong characterization have become Hines's trademarks, and the fourth and final entry in the Magic Ex Libris series (after Unbound) is no exception. Almost a year ago, Michigan mage-librarian Isaac Vainio announced to the world that magic existed, but he didn't anticipate the dramatic fallout. Magically gifted individuals and inhuman creatures have been persecuted by the ignorant and pursued by the greedy. The U.S. government wants to regulate magic and weaponize it at the same time, a plan opposed by Isaac; his organization of magical do-gooders, the Porters; and his employer, research facility New Millennium. After several carefully orchestrated assassination attempts against anti-magic public figures, Isaac realizes he's in the midst of a supernatural civil rights struggle. His goal of showing the world that humans and magic can coexist without fear and danger looks to be unreachable, and no amount of magic pulled from the pages of a book can stop a war. Hines's writing is lyrical and fluid as it unsubtly echoes America's past and present struggles with discrimination. Urban fantasy fans with a bent for social and historical commentary will find this provocative novel thoroughly entertaining. (Mar.)