cover image The Burning Page

The Burning Page

Genevieve Cogman. Roc, $16 trade paper (368p) ISBN 978-1-101-98868-8

Cogman’s third Invisible Library novel (after The Masked City), which centers on the enormous interdimensional Library that connects various alternate versions of our world and the doughty Librarians who hunt down rare and magical books, opens with the series protagonists, Irene, a Librarian turned spy, and Kai, her dragon apprentice, placed on probation by the ruling forces of the Library after some unfortunate events involving the dragons and the Fae. Then Irene’s arch nemesis, rogue Librarian Alberich, returns with the intent to disrupt the many worlds he has control over, as well as the Library itself. Irene must intervene, though she fears there may be a double agent in her circle who’s conspiring against her. As in previous installments, Cogman’s writing is fresh, with a rich tonality ranging from the whimsical and witty to the suspenseful. Cogman’s alternative worlds are richly detailed, and her depiction of an alternative Russia is quite magical. The stilted “will they or won’t they” love triangle of Irene and the male leads feels clichéd and tacked on. Apart from that, the story is buoyed by the fast action scenes, and readers will be fascinated by the ever-growing complexities of Cogman’s world. Fans will enjoy immersing themselves in the latest installment of this playful, entertaining series. (Jan.)