cover image The Lost Planet

The Lost Planet

Rachel Searles. Feiwel and Friends, $15.99 (384p) ISBN 978-1-250-03879-1

The quest for identity propels Chase Garrety through this sprawling SF adventure. When the story opens, Chase awakens on the planet Trucon without a single memory of who he is—that information comes from a heavily damaged microchip embedded in his head. Chase soon makes the acquaintance of Parker, a young gamer/ hacker, and an ultrastrong android named Mina. Debut author Searles is attentive to the evolving friendship between Chase and Parker, as well as Chase’s frustration at his own amnesia, but an encounter with a mysterious pilot named Maurus and a struggle for power between the controlling Federation and rebel group Karsha Ven escalate the stakes to macrocosmic significance. The action never lets up as Chase and Parker, uncertain of who to trust, are targeted from all sides as they race from planet to planet; some readers may feel as lost as Chase amid the flurry of alien creatures, worlds, and technology. The unveiling of Chase’s past provides a pleasing coda to his saga, but enough questions remain unanswered to support additional books. Ages 9–13. Agent: Joanna Volpe, New Leaf Literary + Media. (Jan.)