cover image Inferno


Donna Grant. St. Martin’s, $7.99 mass market (464p) ISBN 978-1-250-18295-1

The intricate final installment to Grant’s long-running Dark Kings series (after Flame) turns the focus onto Constantine, King of the Dragon Kings, whose story series fans have long been eager for. Constantine ended his relationship with Light Fae Rhiannon thousands of years ago out of fear that his romantic happiness might stir jealousies among the other, still single Dragon Kings he is honor- and magic-bound to protect. But with many of the Dragon Kings now mated, Constantine vows to win Rhi back. Rhi, the newly appointed Queen of the Light Fae, is busy trying to bring her kingdom together and still nurses the pain of Constantine’s rejection, so she’s initially unreceptive to his overtures—but it soon becomes clear that their chemistry never died. As they reignite their romance, the Dragon Kings, Rhi, and their allies band together yet again to defeat Usaeil, the Queen of the Dark Fae, once and for all. Though Grant ties most of the series threads together, she leaves a few dangling, hinting at a possible spin-off. While series die-hards will be pleased at the possibility of returning to this byzantine fantasy world, others will be frustrated by the lack of true closure. (Sept.)