cover image Glam Prix Racers (Glam Prix Racers #1)

Glam Prix Racers (Glam Prix Racers #1)

Deanna Kent, illus. by Neil Hooson. Imprint, $10.99 (208p) ISBN 978-1-250-26538-8

The Glam Prix Racers—peach-skinned, red-haired mermaid Mio; bright green monster truck Mudwick; and their specialist teammates—are turbocharged and ready for the racing season to start on Glittergear Island. In this trilogy starter, which represents the first of three competitions for the Glam Prix Cup, the team competes against two other crews in various island realms. When the Vroombots hatch an evil plan to get ahead—stealing the Sparklecharge that gives the motor vehicles life and keeping it from the other teams—the racers must work together to conquer obstacles in creative ways. With ample nods to video games, including character cards filled with stats, an anthropomorphic cast, and the occasional hidden power-up, the plot zooms as easily as a supersonic “turbo-toot.” Kent’s quirky dialogue provides laughs while Hooson’s cartoon artwork bursts with energy; together, the previous collaborators (the Snazzy Cat Capers series) blend the colorful, high-octane world of race car driving with a candy-coated lesson in friendship and perseverance. Ages 7–10. [em]Agent (for author and illustrator): Gemma Cooper, the Bent Agency. (May) [/em]