cover image Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake

Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake

Mazey Eddings. Griffin, $16.99 trade paper (336p) ISBN 978-1-250-80600-0

Eddings (A Brush with Love) serves up a charming and surprisingly deep accidental pregnancy romance that begins with a two-night stand between a free-spirited Philadelphia baker and a hot Australian businessman on a work trip. Lizzie Blake’s unmanaged ADHD often makes it difficult to focus on anything, something her unloving parents aren’t shy about pointing out to her. The resulting insecurity has her limiting herself to no-strings-attached sex rather than risking burdening a partner with what she considers to be her shortcomings. When Lizzie meets Rake, a gorgeous, honorable Aussie, their chemistry is immediate. Rake’s still smarting from a nasty, unexpected breakup, so he isn’t looking for forever either. But when their hookup ends up with Lizzie unexpectedly pregnant, she decides to keep the baby, and Rake is eager to be a part of his child’s life—and he quickly falls for the baby’s mother as well. Eddings handles Lizzie’s neurodivergence with sensitivity and care, crafting a heroine who will claim readers’ hearts from page one. The supporting characters are similarly well-drawn, particularly Lizzie’s icy, antagonistic mother, who readers will love to hate. This smart love story is a gem. (Sept.)