cover image The Forest Grimm

The Forest Grimm

Kathryn Purdie. Wednesday, $20 (352p) ISBN 978-1-250-87300-2

Purdie (Bone Crier’s Dawn) blends a variety of Grimm’s fairy tales—including “Cinderella,” “Rapunzel,” and “Hansel and Gretel”—into a sumptuous tale of love and survival in this beguiling journey. Thirteen-year-old Clara, who lives in Grimm’s Hollow at the edge of the magical Forest Grimm, has known that she will die young ever since her clairvoyant grandmother foretold it when Clara was a child. Though Grandmère insists the fates never lie, Clara believes that consulting the Book of Fortunes, a powerful gift from Forest Grimm to the villagers, could reverse her fate. But when someone uses the book for evil purposes, the forest recalls the tome and casts a curse on the town that drains Grimm’s Hollow of its magic. While many villagers, including Clara’s parents, enter the forest to reconcile with the magical entities within, none of them return, and now at 16, Clara intends to bring them—and the book—back. By juxtaposing happenings both sinister and sweet alongside themes surrounding duty versus desire, Purdie deftly weaves Clara’s journey to change her future and rescue her loved ones with the signature dark tone of the many referenced fairy tales. Clara and her family read as white. Ages 13–up. Agent: Josh Adams, Adams Literary. (Sept.)