cover image Custom Built

Custom Built

Chantal Fernando. Carina, $8.99 mass market (256p) ISBN 978-1-335-20013-6

The twists of a suspenseful mystery keep the pages turning in the first Fast & Fury romance from Fernando (Temper), despite the lackluster nature of the love story itself. After Bronte Pierce loses her job at a private investigation firm, she finds administrative work at Fast & Fury, a custom bike shop owned and operated by the Knights of Fury motorcycle gang. Her new boss, Crow, initially gives her the cold shoulder, but when they run into each other after hours, a night of sexy dancing changes the direction of their relationship. When Bronte’s father dies in mysterious circumstances, Crow provides a shoulder for Bronte to lean on as she teams back up with a former colleague to find out what happened to her father, uncovering family secrets along the way. Though the multilayered mystery will hold readers’ attention, Bronte and Crow’s developing romance is by-the-numbers. Die-hard fans of the good girl/bad boy trope will find plenty to enjoy, but seasoned romance readers will have seen this all before. [em]Agent: Kimberly Brower, Brower Literary. (Dec.) [/em]