Shadow of the Batgirl

Sarah Kuhn, illus. by Nicole Goux. DC Ink, $16.99 paper (208p) ISBN 978-1-4012-8978-2
After a botched job, teenage assassin Cassandra Cain is on the run in Gotham City with no resources, little spoken language, and extremely limited knowledge of the world. Luckily, she finds a safe haven in gruff-yet-kind restaurant owner Jacqueline “Jackie” Fujikawa Yoneyama, as well as the Gotham Public Library. Teaching herself to speak and read, Cassandra observes librarian Barbara Gordon’s story times and learns about the mysterious Batgirl, who once protected the city before vanishing years ago. Modeling herself on Batgirl, Cassandra decides to become a hero and defend the library and the city—but first, she must break free of her past. Cassandra’s deadly skill set and hyperintuitive awareness of her surroundings, juxtaposed against her emotional naïveté, create an immediately endearing character. The diverse supporting cast presents compelling models of confidence and kindness, drawn with detailed individuality by Goux, who also depicts the main setting, the library, with grandeur and personality. While the plot is slight and the world is disconnected from other tales within the Batman universe, the collaborators’ intimate scale ultimately benefits this character-driven story. Ages 13–17. (Feb.)
Reviewed on : 01/28/2020
Release date: 02/04/2020
Genre: Children's
Book - 1 pages - 978-1-77950-241-4
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