cover image QUANTUM LEAP THINKING: A Guide to the Mind


James J. Mapes, . . Sourcebooks, $14.95 (288pp) ISBN 978-1-4022-0043-4

Mapes, a motivational speaker who specializes in creativity and innovation, offers a program designed to radically alter people's lives by teaching how to take risks, think more creatively and learn more effectively. The author defines quantum leap thinking (QLT) as "a collection of ideas, concepts, distinctions and skills that, when combined like active chemicals, naturally explode in their own way, catapulting you to a higher level, a level of increased energy, excitement, and options." Most of the book is devoted to an analysis of the 14 principles of quantum leap thinking. Among these tenets are to enlarge goals, be flexible, be committed, love, have fun, turn fear into power, etc. These concepts aren't revolutionary, but when used effectively together, according to Mapes, they will help people dramatically change their lives. The book is most effective when Mapes offers up some of his own experiences or provides specific actions. When discussing dreams, the author tells readers to think about family and relationships, career, spirituality, personal improvement, etc. However, Mapes's references to such QLT Theorems as "Imagery is the language of the subconscious" are less practical and detracts from the otherwise useful advice found here. (Apr.)