cover image The Paris Architect

The Paris Architect

Charles Belfoure. Sourcebooks, $25.99 (384p) ISBN 978-1-4022-8431-1

How far would you go to help a stranger? What would you risk? Would you trade your life for another’s in the name of what is right? Belfoure explores these questions and others in this debut novel set in Paris during the Nazi occupation. Lucien Bernard—who, like the book’s author, is an architect—is offered a large sum of money to outsmart the Gestapo by devising unique hiding places for Jews, though he knows that anyone caught helping them will be tortured and killed by the Germans. Danger is everywhere: Lucien’s mistress, Adele, a successful fashion designer, has an affair with a Gestapo colonel. Lucien's new assistant will betray him in a heartbeat. Offered a juicy German factory commission that involves working with a Nazi officer who admires architecture and art, Lucien’s web weaves more complexly. And when he falls in love with Adele’s assistant, rescues a child, and contacts some of the individuals he’s saved, the stakes grow higher and Lucien’s thoughts turn from money to vengeance. Seamlessly integrated architectural details add to the excitement. Belfoure’s characters are well-rounded and intricate. Heart, reluctant heroism, and art blend together in this spine-chilling page-turner. Agent: Susan Ginsburg, Writers House. (Oct.)